Did You Know That You Have Options for Missing Teeth?

Did You Know That You Have Options for Missing Teeth?

added on: October 25, 2015

Humans have been dealing with missing teeth for thousands of years. As far back as 700 BC, the Etruscans of northern Italy carved dentures from various materials. Later, in the 1700’s dentures made from elephant ivory, hippo bones and walrus tusks were all the rage. Many dentures were painstakingly made for the very wealthy and members of the nobility.

Kings Would Have Envied You

Nowadays, advanced procedures, modern dental practices and space-age materials can give you a smile even an emperor could not have enjoyed. If you have missing teeth, you don’t have to suffer. Depending on your needs, you can choose between permanent, state-of-the-art dental implants, fixed or removable dentures or a durable, natural-looking bridge.

Dental Bridges

Bridges can be an ideal and very affordable option for replacing missing teeth. A bridge is really a series of crowns that fill the gap left by missing teeth. They fit over two or more adjacent teeth (which must be cut down in order to lock the bridge in place). Because of this need to shave other tooth surfaces down, they can weaken the adjacent teeth. This can make them more prone to decay.


Dentures can also be a great solution for re-creating a stable chewing surface. Dentures today are comfortable, fit well and can even be placed in as little as one day. The All-On-Four Implant Supported Dentures, for instance, can provide you with a beautiful new set of fully functioning custom-made teeth in a single visit. You can literally walk in with missing teeth and walk out smiling.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants, by far, create the most effective solution to missing or completely worn down teeth. They are the next best thing to having your very own natural teeth. Dental implants are designed and crafted to function like real teeth and will last a lifetime.

No matter what solution is right for you, at Luma Dentistry, we have the expertise and superior technology to craft your ideal smile. Call today to find out how you can get your best smile back.

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