About Luma Dentistry

Our goal is to provide Central Alabama with compassionate dentistry from a team that is invested in their community and seeing their neighbors enjoy excellent dental health.

Central Alabama Family Dental Care

The dentists of Luma Dentistry have had the privilege of knowing one another for all of their professional and most of their pre-professional lives. Our deep sense of family, friendship and personal commitment pervades our office with a warmth and caring that is completely unique. We’d like to make you feel as if you are a part of our family.

High-quality, comfortable dental care

from our family to you and yours

We’ve built a brand-new dental facility from the ground up and stocked it with the best dental technology available. But the building and the tools are just the beginning: the heart of our practice is our dedicated, caring and professional team.

Our dentists, hygienists, assistants and administrative staff are all here with a single purpose: making sure that you get high-quality, comfortable dental care. We want to be sure that you leave our office with a beautiful, bright smile.

When you come to us for dental services, you can be sure that we will listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions and provide you with high-quality treatment that meets your exact needs.

Luma Dentistry History

Birmingham brothers Drs. Ted and John Poczatek, both graduates of UAB School of Dentistry, opened their first dental practice in 2005. Their vision was to create a practice that would benefit the community and the patients.

The brothers were joined in 2007 by Dr. Holt Gray, a good friend and a specialist in dental restoration procedures (prosthodontist), and a Resident Professor at UAB School of Dentistry. The practice grew again in 2009 with the addition of Dr. John’s wife, Dr. Wendy, who is also a UAB School of Dentistry graduate.

In 2018, the team combined their three locations, McCalla Dental, Cahaba Dental and Southlake Dental to form Luma Dentistry. Today, the practice continues to grow and now includes over a dozen doctors at several convenient locations across central Alabama.

Dedicated to the Community

From providing volunteer dental services for the Give Kids a Smile and The Foundry Rescue Mission programs to helping to raise funds for hurricane and tornado relief, our dentists and staff are all very interested in giving back to our community.

We are most excited about our newest community project, “Project Restore,” which is an annual event to support a local community endeavor, to brighten the smiles of the supporters and to change the life of a dentally disabled individual with a $10,000 makeover. Read more here about our latest Project Restore where we raised $8,000 for Alabama tornado victims and awarded two lucky individuals with dental makeovers.

"Luma Dentistry has treated me like family."