2020 Beyond the Smile FAQ's

1.  Where will this year’s Beyond the Smile event take place?

Luma Dentistry – McCalla
5751 Pocahontas Road
McCalla, AL 35022

2.  How much does it cost?

It is absolutely free!

3.  What time will it take place?

Starts at 6:00AM — Ends at 11:00AM

4.  How often does Luma Dentistry host Beyond the Smile?

We are always looking for ways to give back to our community.  This will be our 6th Annual event, and we hope to continue this tradition usually around the end of April or early May.

5.  What services are provided?

Limited Examinations, X-rays, and Extractions ONLY

6.  Will I be able to have a dental cleaning while I am there?

Due to the volume of patients, demand for treatment, and limited space and time, NO cleanings will be available during Beyond the Smile event.  You may schedule a return appointment with one of the patient coordinators upon checkout or schedule online at lumadentistry.com

7.  Do I need to bring any documents with me?

Photo ID, current medication lists (if applicable — especially if you are taking any blood thinners, blood pressure medications, or medications pertaining to your heart,) correspondence from medical specialists if you are currently under their treatment, etc.

8.  Will there be a wait time?

This is a possibility depending on time of your arrival and your place in line to be seen.  

9.  Can I go ahead and reserve my appointment?

No, this is strictly on a First Come, First Serve basis!

10.  Who is eligible for treatment?

Adults 18 years old and over, regardless of whether you have dental insurance or not!!!

11.  Can I be seen for treatment even if I am not an established patient with Luma Dentistry?

Yes!  In fact, we welcome the opportunity to meet and treat all new patients regardless of whether we have had the pleasure of seeing them before or not.

12.  Will prescriptions be available?

Yes!  Our team of doctors will be prescribing antibiotics and pain medications as they apply to each individual case.  There will not be any medications dispensed at the office. All prescriptions must be filled at your pharmacy of your choosing.

13.  Is there assurance that I will be seen for treatment?

We will be taking patients on a First Come, First Serve basis.  We plan to see the first 100-130 patients so in order to best guarantee you are seen, be early to get a good place in line.  In the past, we have had people camp out at our front door HOURS before 6:00 AM!

14.  Should I bring someone with me to my appointment?

It is difficult to foresee how anyone will react to surgical treatment, regardless of how minor it may be.  Keeping that in mind, it is always recommended that you bring someone with you to assist in your transportation home afterwards.  

15.  Are children eligible for treatment?

Unfortunately, not for this event.  Only those 18 years of age and older will be seen.

16.  Can I be put to sleep to have treatment done?

Unfortunately, no.  We will not have our anesthesiologist on hand .  Our sedation appointments are usually scheduled during our normal business hours on Fridays at our McCalla location.  No Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) will be offered either.

17.  Is there a guarantee that I will be able to see my usual dentist?

No, simply because of how we structure the flow of treatment this day.  However, should you request a specific dentist, we will do our best to accommodate you so that you may be treated by them.

18.  Which dentists from Luma Dentistry will be available?

Almost every dentist from all of our locations will be volunteering their time for this year’s event.

19.  Is there a chance that I may be asked to provide feedback or give a review of your experience?

We are always interested in receiving feedback from our patients on how their experience went with us!  We may ask you to assist us in making a video testimonial about your experience!

20.  How do I become a patient with Luma Dentistry after the Beyond the Smile event?

We would love to have you as a member of our Luma Dentistry family!!  The easiest way to do this is by asking for New Patient paperwork when checking out after treatment OR you can download and complete that paperwork online on our website at lumadentistry.com

21.  If I was a patient of Beyond the Smile at a previous year’s event, am I eligible to be seen again this year?

Yes, of course!  As long as you are one of the first 100-130 patients seen from 6AM-11AM.

22.  Will I be able to have more than one tooth extracted?

One tooth is guaranteed, but the answer is Yes!  The dentist performing your treatment will do their best to treat all of your needs.  However, depending on how many dental problems you may be having, the locations within the mouth, and certain underlining factors we may see on x-rays, may reduce our ability to treat multiple areas and teeth.

23.  What time do I need to be there?

We recommend that you arrive as early as possible!  Keep in mind that we will start registering people at 6AM.  We will be taking our last patients at 11AM. Patients will be seen on a First Come, First Serve basis.

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