Implant-Supported Dentures

With modern technology, we can eliminate disadvantages caused by traditional dentures using dental implants to support dentures and anchor them to be stable in the mouth. Implants hold your dentures firmly in place, significantly enhance their chewing power, and help to prevent bone loss in the jaw.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Stable and Beautiful Full-Arch Replacement Teeth

If you are currently wearing dentures or need all your teeth replaced, our state-of-the-art implant dentures may be the solution you have been looking for. Traditional dentures are a good option for restoring the appearance of a smile—however, no matter how well they are made, regular dentures have certain disadvantages, including not being fully stable in the mouth and only providing minimal chewing power. Wearing regular dentures also accelerates bone loss in the jaw which naturally occurs when teeth are missing. This causes the denture to repeatedly become loose over time.

With modern technology, we can eliminate these disadvantages by using dental implants to support dentures and anchor them to be stable in the mouth. Implants hold your dentures firmly in place, significantly enhance their chewing power, and help to prevent bone loss in the jaw. Your new teeth can either be permanently fixed onto the implants or can be fitted so you can snap them in and out.

Highly-trained and Experienced Implant Dentists

Dr. Gray and Dr. Soon provide implant-supported dentures that are well-fitting, durable, and look completely natural. Dr. Gray is a prosthodontist, a dental specialist in the design and placement of aesthetic and well-fitting dental prostheses, and he has completed extensive additional training in this field beyond his general dental degree.

These doctors are highly-trained and experienced in providing full-arch implant-supported teeth and dental implant treatment in general—together they have placed over 4,500 implants. Their combined expertise allows them to effectively treat even the most complex cases.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation Plus a $200 Discount on Your Treatment

If you are a new patient and have missing teeth, dentures that are not working well for you, or teeth that may need to be replaced, you can take advantage of our Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation. Dr. Gray and/or Dr. Soon will let you know how dental implant treatment could benefit you, explain the implant procedure and answer all of your questions.

If you decide to have a complete implant procedure, you will get a $200 discount on your treatment!

Our Lifelike and Comfortable Implant-Supported Dentures

Our doctors use the latest in 3D digital imaging for diagnostics and treatment planning. They fabricate your new dentures out of the finest acrylic material, with reinforcement for the upper denture as needed, so it can easily handle heavy bite forces. Your stable new teeth are crafted to exact specifications so they are exceptionally durable, comfortable, and aesthetic.

We offer several options for implant-supported full-arch replacement teeth, and they are described below. The doctor will let you know which options he recommends for you following a comprehensive exam and evaluation.

Permanently Fixed-in New Teeth in One Day with All-On-4®

In the space of a single day, our doctors can perform any necessary extractions and provide you with new teeth that are firmly fixed-in and feel, function, and look like natural teeth. Known as the All-On-4 procedure, this cutting-edge technology makes it possible for most patients to receive fully stable teeth without the need for bone grafting, often only using four implants per arch. Many patients who were not candidates for implants in the past can now receive the benefits of fully stable teeth thanks to treatment with All-On-4.

All-On-4 new teeth provide almost full chewing power and are the closest to real teeth of any tooth-replacement option, allowing you to eat all the foods you enjoy. They additionally have no false upper palate that inhibits your sense of taste.

Removable Snap-in Dentures

A more economical alternative to fixed-in new teeth is a denture that is made with special attachments that allow it to snap onto implants. This type of denture is removable—you can snap it in and out at any time. For the lower arch, Dr. Gray can often provide a snap-in denture using as few as two implants; on the upper arch, four implants are usually needed.

While snapped in, the denture is held stably in place and will not move around in your mouth. The doctors use reinforced acrylic for the upper denture so that there is no need for a false palate. This type of denture provides between 80 and 90 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth, and you will be able to eat most of the foods you like.

Stabilizing your current denture with implants

Under certain circumstances, we can stabilize your current denture by fitting it with attachments that snap onto implants. This essentially turns your denture into a removable snap-in denture. The fake palate on the upper denture will usually need to remain, but your dentures will be fully stable, will not slip or move around in your mouth, and will have increased chewing power.

We Accept Most Insurances

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable dental care. That’s why we accept most insurances, offer third-party financing, and have our own discount dental plan for those without insurance.

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