Dental sealants are used to fill in narrow grooves in a tooth that cannot be adequately cleaned by brushing. We do this to help prevent cavities from forming and damaging. Dental sealants are highly beneficial to our young patients who have teeth that are still developing and more susceptible to cavities.


When we’re talking with our youngest patients about dental sealants, we often refer to them as a “raincoat for your teeth.” This is because sealants provide you with added, advanced protection from decay and unwanted cavities. Sealants can be used for adult patients too and are generally applied in a liquid form. We brush the sealant solution on your back teeth or molars because they are usually the most prone to develop decay. We’re aiming to fill in small grooves or fissures on your teeth that are unable to be completely clean during brushing.

How Do Sealants Work?

The special liquid is carefully applied to your teeth before bonding into the tiny grooves in and around your molars. It’s then left to quickly dry, forming a durable, protective barrier or shield over all of your tooth’s enamel. You won’t have to worry about food debris being trapped there when your sealant treatment is complete for added cavity-fighting power. Your sealant will form a smooth surface that’s undetectable, yet easily cleaned during routine brushing and flossing. Dental sealants are a go-to general dentistry solution for us because they’re:

  • More affordable than repairing a deteriorated or decayed tooth
  • Considered an extremely effective and safe way to keep teeth healthy
  • A minimal intervention approach to comprehensive general dental care

Are you ready to talk to your Luma Dentist about if you or your child can benefit from sealants? There’s no better time than now!

Who Benefits the Most From Dental Sealants?

It’s safe to say that most children and teenagers are excellent candidates for sealant treatment. This is because decay and cavities often attack more early in life when teeth are young. It’s important to get their permanent teeth treated as soon as they’re all in for the best results. Patients who have the following are usually an ideal match for sealants:

  • Early signs or a past history of cavities
  • Tooth enamel that’s too thin
  • Deep pits in your molars
  • A diet high in sugars and carbohydrates
  • A history of poor oral hygiene
  • The need for an orthodontic appliance

Dental sealants do wear down in time but, depending on the material used, can last from anywhere from five to ten years. Schedule a consultation today to learn about your options.

We Accept Most Insurances

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable dental care. That’s why we accept most insurances, offer third-party financing, and have our own discount dental plan for those without insurance.

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