3D X-Rays

We love bringing exciting and innovative dental technology to our central Alabama dental offices. That is why Luma Dentistry invested in an i-Cat® 3D cone beam machine that changed everything for our doctors and for our patients. In just ten seconds, we can get a 3D x-ray to better understand your dental needs.

3D X-Rays

We believe our patients deserve the latest in modern dentistry’s digital technologies and modern techniques. That’s why we invested in something called i-Cat® 3D digital imaging technology several years ago.

How Do 3D X-Rays Work?

We absolutely love what 3D imaging can do for you and your smile. It was specially developed to help give your dentist a deeper, more complex understanding of what’s going on inside your mouth. They get a uniquely innovative 3D rendition of your entire mouth, capturing amazing, life-changing imagery. With just a 10 second scan, our doctors can study the shape and anatomy of a patient’s mouth to plan for surgeries and catch problems earlier.

How Does 3D Dental Imaging Benefit Me?

You might also hear this type of digital dental x-ray referred to as cone beam imaging designed to capture detailed images of your teeth and mouth. They’re also highly effective at assisting with:

  • Completing orthodontic procedures
  • Planning for oral surgery
  • Treating impacted teeth
  • Diagnosing TMJ issues
  • Detecting/treating tumors
  • Completing successful root canal therapy
  • Finding reconstructive dental solutions
  • Collecting data for bone health
  • Evaluating sinus or nasal cavities

As you can see, 3D imagery is extremely helpful in so many ways for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning you can trust. It’s a  technological wonder that has opened new doors and created new pathways for precisely identifying and treating some of dentistry’s most debilitating diseases. You’ll feel more confident in your care and your oral health.

Convenience You Can Count On

One more thing we love about this technology is that it makes seeing your dentist and getting the care you need even more convenient. With 2D x-rays, we were often required to develop films, leaving you waiting and wondering when you’ll get to go home. But with 3D imaging, the nuisance is eliminated and results are ready in seconds. We think you’ll find that with 3D x-rays, dental care becomes more clear and easier for us all to grasp and comprehend. You get the answers you’re looking for, along with extremely detailed images to guide you through. Schedule your consultation and evaluation today.

We Accept Most Insurances

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable dental care. That’s why we accept most insurances, offer third-party financing, and have our own discount dental plan for those without insurance.

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