Dental Restoration For You

That Mona Lisa smile. It’s known the world over. Did you know that there is an entire team of restoration experts that keep the famous lady looking her best? It’s true. Every year they carefully attend to her canvas, clean the pigments and take care of the tiniest details of this iconic painting.

At Luma Dentistry, we have our own version of smile restoration. Dr. Holt Gray, a recognized expert in dental restoration and former faculty member of the renowned University of Alabama School of Dentistry, routinely receives referrals from other dentists and oral surgeons on cases they deem too complex to handle themselves.

Dr. Gray uses a combination of procedures such as dental implants, onlays and inlays (for damaged areas that are too large for a filling, but not big enough to require a crown), veneers and crowns to craft an unforgettable smile.

Dr. Gray blends sophisticated dental science with the eye of a skilled artist to design, construct and fit bridges, crowns and dentures for a natural, pleasing – and fully functional smile.

Worried about your budget? We have you covered. We offer a complete exam and smile evaluation at no charge. Come in and talk to us. Let us craft a plan that fits your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.