Snap-On Smile

If you are looking for a temporary makeover rather than a more permanent transformation, a Snap-On Smile could be right for you. A Snap-On Smile is a device that fits right over your natural teeth, completely transforming your smile in a snap. They are just as easy to remove, and you can even have the device molded in the shape of a famous celebrity such as Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts. Snap-On Smile can also be a way to try out a new look before committing to an expensive cosmetic procedure. It only takes two visits to get your appliance fitted and Dr. Ted can perform the procedure right in our office.

On your first visit, Dr. Ted will photograph and measure your teeth and mold an impression. He will send your information into the Snap-On Smiles lab, and your new smile will be ready for you to try on in just a couple of weeks. No adhesives are needed for your Snap-On Smile. The devices hook directly onto your own teeth – sort of like a retainer.

Advantages of Snap-On Teeth

The Snap-On Smile gives you the appearance of a perfect smile at a much lower cost than veneers and does not alter your natural teeth. The teeth fit right up to your gumline and hide imperfections including missing teeth, broken or chipped teeth, gaps, stained teeth and misaligned teeth.

A Snap-On Smile is a temporary solution, but with proper care it can last 3- 5 years.

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