Because our payment policy includes collecting co-payments at the time of service or pre-collecting on major procedures, the instance may arise in which your account will have a credit balance.

The following refund policy applies to accounts which show current account credit after collection of insurance and co-payments:

  1. The account will be reconciled to make sure all credit/debit entries are correct and accurate.  PPO insurance write-offs will be verified and double checked.
  2. The patient will be notified via phone that there is an account credit.
  3. The patient will be given the choice of leaving the credit to be used toward future work in their treatment plan or for upcoming appointments, or may request a refund.
  4. Once a patient chooses a refund, it may take up to 7 business days to complete the refund process, but every effort will be made to refund the patient as soon as possible.

Patients who use their credit card, debit card or Luma Dentistry Plan will have the credit refunded to the card used for payment.

Luma Dentistry will need the full card number and expiration date, or to physically swipe the card, in order to provide the refund.

Patients who paid by cash or check will receive a refund check.

There will be a full refund issued for any services that were paid for, but not rendered. Luma Dentistry will not charge your Luma Dentistry Plan account prior to the start of treatment.

Luma Dentistry will respond to any inquiries from credit card providers or Luma Dentistry Plan regarding consumer complaints within 21 days of the date of inquiry. Every effort will be made to successfully comply with requests.