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man missing tooth

I’m Missing a Tooth. What Should I Do?

Sometimes no matter how much we take care of our teeth, they get damaged and injured or become susceptible to decay and deterioration. This means a tooth can come loose and eventually fall out… if it didn’t get knocked out due to a trauma like a car or sports accident. If you’re missing a tooth,

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frustrated woman

Root Canals Are Painful, And Other Dental Myths

When it comes to dentistry, there are many common myths and misconceptions that could actually hurt your smile and oral health rather than help. At our dental office in Montevallo, we believe in preventive dentistry and giving professional dental advice in order to protect your teeth. That’s why we want to debunk several of the

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young man with toothache

To Pull or Not to Pull: Is a Tooth Extraction Your Only Option?

Tooth pain is a pain like no other, and when you have it you’re willing to do just about anything to get rid of it. This includes perhaps not thinking twice when your dentist recommends extracting the tooth that’s causing you pain. But our dental office in Bessemer wants you to know that you may

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Dental Restoration For You

That Mona Lisa smile. It’s known the world over. Did you know that there is an entire team of restoration experts that keep the famous lady looking her best? It’s true. Every year they carefully attend to her canvas, clean the pigments and take care of the tiniest details of this iconic painting. At Luma

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